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Lyophilized RNA Modified RNA Synthesis

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Lyophilized RNA Modified RNA Synthesis

Lyophilized RNA Modified RNA Synthesis
Lyophilized RNA Modified RNA Synthesis

Large Image :  Lyophilized RNA Modified RNA Synthesis

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Brand Name: CELLFREE
Model Number: CF-RN-001

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Packaging Details: vial
Delivery Time: 7~10 days
Detailed Product Description
Delivery: Lyophilized RNA Report: COA
Test: MS/HPLC/CGE Time: 7~10 Working Days
Base Modification: Rare Base, Phosphorothioate, Etc Fluorescent Modification: Cy Labeling, JOE,etc
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Lyophilized RNA Modified RNA Synthesis


Lyophilized Modified RNA Synthesis

RNA modifications have recently emerged as critical posttranscriptional regulators of gene expression programs. They affect diverse eukaryotic biological processes, and the correct deposition of many of these modifications is required for normal development. Messenger RNA (mRNA) modifications regulate various aspects of mRNA metabolism. For example, N6-methyladenosine (m6A) affects the translation and stability of the modified transcripts, thus providing a mechanism to coordinate the regulation of groups of transcripts during cell state maintenance and transition. Similarly, some modifications in transfer RNAs are essential for RNA structure and function. Others are deposited in response to external cues and adapt global protein synthesis and gene-specific translational accordingly and thereby facilitate proper development.


RNA Modification


  • 5’-Amino Linker C6
  • 5’-Phosphorylation
  • 5’-Biotin
  • 3’-Amino Linker C7
  • 3’-Phosphorylation
  • 3’-Biotin
  • 5’-Thiol Modifier C6 S-S
  • 3’-Thiol Modifier C6 S-S


RNA Fluorescence Labeling


  • 5’-Cy3
  • 5’-Cy5
  • 5’-Fam
  • 5’-Hex
  • 5’-Tamra
  • 5’-Tet
  • 3’-BHQ-1
  • 3’-BHQ-2
  • 3’-Dabcyl
  • 3’-Fluorescein
  • 3’-Rox
  • 3’-Tamra


Other RNA modification and labeling


Base modification Rare base, phosphorothioate, modified base, biotin, digoxin, NH2 modification, SH modification, Spacer etc.
Fluorescent modification Cy labeling,JOE, FAM, HEX, TET, ROX, TAMRA etc.



The presence of modifications obviously increases the complexity of the oligo synthesis. The synthesis of oligonucleotides containing modification in bases, sugars, fluorophores, linkers, etc., more and more is becoming the norm as researchers explore the variety available to them. Requests for oligonucleotides containing several modifications has become quite prevalent and great care has to be taken during synthesis, deprotection and purification to ensure that the oligo is isolated in pure form. Now that researchers are becoming interested in modified RNA oligos, the level of complexity will increase probably by an order of magnitude.


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