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Single Chain Fragment Variables Antigen Binding Fragment Antibody Discovery

Single Chain Fragment Variables Antigen Binding Fragment Antibody Discovery
Single Chain Fragment Variables Antigen Binding Fragment Antibody Discovery

Large Image :  Single Chain Fragment Variables Antigen Binding Fragment Antibody Discovery

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Brand Name: CELLFREE
Model Number: CF-AB-006

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Packaging Details: vial
Delivery Time: 6~7 weeks
Detailed Product Description
Service: Recombinant Antibodies Fragment Type: ScFv/Fab
Composition: VH, VL(CH1, CL) M.W.: 30/50
Retention Times: Very Short/short Method: Enzymatic/recombinant Methods
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Antigen Binding Fragment Antibody Discovery


Single Chain Fragment Antibody Discovery

Formats of Recombinant Antibodies


There are many formats of recombinant antibodies, such as scFv, Fab fragment, bispecific antibody (BsAb), and single domain antibody (sdAb). Each of them has a slightly different potential in applications and various fields of research.


  • scFv: scFv is the smallest of the recombinant antibody formats, containing only the variable heavy (VH) and the variable light chain (VL) that are linked by a flexible peptide linker. The linker technology is a key step of success of constructing scFv antibody library. scFv is the most commonly used format of recombinant antibodies, and has shown many advantages in human medicine and research.
  • Fab: Fab fragments consist of two sets of variable and constant components, which are one of the cleavage products after treatment of IgG with papain. The fragments which contain disulfide bridge thiols are called Fab’ fragments, and two Fab fragments connected by disulfide bond called a F(ab’)2 fragment. They can be used for detection of not bound drugs or free drugs in the serum.


scFv Construction


These antibody fragments are commonly generated by phage display technology, which give several advantages in gaining new antibodies or human antibodies. Basically, there are two following methods to generate a scFv fragment for a specific antigen:

  • Screening a scFv from phage display library: It is the method that the most recombinant antibody fragments are generated. The scFv can be screened using a new created library or a pre-made one.
  • Expressing a scFv using recombinant technology: This method requires known sequences of full IgG (or other antibodies), such as sequenced monoclonal antibodies, or accession number. With the sequences, scFv can be expressed in protein expression systems, such as bacterial or mammalian systems.

Fab Construction


Three different methods are used for generating the Fab fragments:

  • Screening from phage display library: Like scFv, Fab library is a common method to generate a Fab fragment.
  • Expressing a Fab fragment using recombinant technology: Recombinant Fab fragments can be obtained using mammalian expression systems, such as CHO or HEK293 cells.
  • Enzymatic cleavage of the parent antibody: A two step protocol is generally employed for producing Fab fragments. Enzymatic cleavage of the whole antibodies forms F(ab’)2 fragments, followed by reduction of those fragments to yield Fab fragments.


Service Specification


With rich experience in the field of recombinant antibody, CELLFREE has established a solid platform for scFv or Fab construction that can offer one-stop solution for antibody engineering and accelerate your research. 


Fragment Type









M.W. (kDa)



Blood clearance

Very rapid


Tumor penetration



Retention times

Very short




Better than scFv


Unstable over longer periods

High stability in long-term storage


  • Recombinant methods
  • Easy for expressing in various systems
  • Enzymatic and recombinant methods
  • Less efficient folding and assembly in E. coli


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